The Beginning…

It is funny how once you get used to something and that certain something is taken away you forget all those people who never had it in the first place. I’ve just had a freezing cold shower because my landlord refuses to fix the problem. It’ll be too much money, you see. Every time I step into that shower, I am drenched in hardship. As a trained Social Anthropologist it does not come as a surprise to me that there are those in the world without running clean water, let alone hot water.

Then there is the employment situation. I now dread those social situations where being asked what I do for a living either leads me into the depths of despair or into the sinful realms of lying. Yes, there is not much work out there for a trained Anthropologist and a Social one at that. I went to the hairdresser recently and could feel my palms getting sweaty at the prospect of small talk. Fortunately apart from the slight detail of cutting my hair too short, it all passed with success.

So my current unemployed situation has led me to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a writer and hopefully a published one too. I’m halfway through Chapter One of my latest idea, with my two previous ideas yet to materialise onto the computer screen.

So my fellow readers, I welcome your comments and ideas but I hope you will be gentle yet honest (if there ever is such a thing), it’s a scary world out there for the unpublished.

The only problem I have now is convincing my hard working husband that curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book is in fact work!!


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