The Soundtrack to his Legacy

His life was somewhat unconventional but I wonder who indeed has the right to define convention? I have been watching The Family on Channel 4 and in accordance with my life and set values, what is displayed on my television screen is somewhat unorthodox. I am ashamed to admit I dismissed their choice of living as ‘wrong’ or ‘unacceptable’. However, upon closer viewing I have quickly retracted such opinion. Of course I can not be certain what is acted for the cameras (if anything), but despite this though their chosen way of life works for them and  so who am I to disagree?

Michael Jackson’s death is another event in history during which everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news. No one can deny the effect he has had on world music. He may have seemed childish to some but what he achieved and set out to do was most definitely not childish. He bought together an army of people worldwide under one category: a Michael Jackson fan. He transcended colour, creed, religion even language. But of course, you already knew that.

His music was and continues to be the soundtrack to my life. It is even through a shared enjoyment of his art that I met my husband. No mean feat, particularly as we were then living on opposite sides of the world. I personally owe a lot to Michael Jackson and I am simply a needle in a haystack. To me, Michael Jackson is a symbol of simpler; more innocent times. A time when my only worry and care in the world was what to wear to school the next day. His music was the soundtrack to times of exam worry, times of love, times of break-ups. There are even songs on his track listing that gave me comfort after the loss of my father. The death of Michael Jackson is not only a death of a genius but it is the death of childhood, of innocence. The happier, carefree times of my past do not seem real somehow.

It saddens me that a little girl was brave enough to stand up in front of the world in support of her father, and yet the following day all that could be said was he was not her Daddy. It saddens me now that it seems fashionable to declare yourself a Michael Jackson fan. All the celebrities came out in droves in support of him, but I wonder where were they when he needed them? Why is it that it is only after someone dies that you realise what you once had? Why do we as human beings never learn? Why as human beings do we dismiss those we do not understand? In a way the treatment of Michael Jackson reminds me of times in the history books when people were burnt at the stake simply for being left-handed, for being different, for being unconventional. As an adult, surrounding oneself with children is certainly unconventional but just like in the history books, it quickly turned into a witch hunt and again like in the history books, the hounded did not survive.

Michael Jackson may not have led a conventional and orthodox life. He may not have looked conventional; may not have acted conventional and indeed may not have promoted convention. However, now I hope that his accolades; his achievements; his music; his dance; his children will be the soundtrack to his legacy.


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