Scapegoat Migrants

I caught a glimpse of the front page of a tabloid yesterday and I must admit I succumbed to its power to captivate. I actually read a newspaper  that on its front page depicted an immigrant family living in a £1 million+ home in the UK. Reading the article leaves no doubt that there will be British citizens, struggling with the effects of the recession and feeling pretty sick at the unfairness of it all… and I will be among them. But, possibly not for the same reason.

Not many people realise that asylum seekers are forbidden to work in the UK until their asylum claim is accepted (no matter how long that may take). This particular family has apparently been in the UK since 1991 and are living in a ‘five storey [building], six bedrooms – some with balconies – three sitting rooms, four bathrooms and a spacious, superbly fitted-out kitchen’ (as quoted by the tabloid). However, I live in a one bedroom apartment; suffer from chronic back pain due to the insufficient furniture supplied (we can not afford to upgrade). We still can not take a hot shower and every time it rains, rainwater leaks through the window in the hallway. I would like to stand up to Mr. Brown and ask him where are my rights as a British citizen? We are currently a one income family and can not afford to advance our standard of living and yet have to pay for such people to live in houses that we can only dream of.

I am proud to be British and proud the country has never closed its borders to anyone. However, the country is fast becoming a joke. It is clear that asylum seekers travel through the lands of Europe (notably France and Germany) and insist on gaining entry through British borders because the UK gives them an easy ride. Although it makes my blood boil, I can understand. I’m wondering what I would do in their situation. Would I, when fleeing for my life  take my family to a country that refuses any assistance or to a country that provides everything, even more than I received from my own government? I can tell you now, the answer would not be the former. I don’t blame the asylum seekers, because in all honesty I would probably do the same. I think we all would.

I can see that the asylum seekers are the scapegoat for the government’s inadequacy. As the government is continually distracted with the mess Labour has made in the Middle East, our country is crumbling. Our citizens are being ignored to the benefit of the immigrants, the non-natives, the asylum seekers. But it is not the fault of the foreign migrant, I want to make that clear. In essence they are just claiming what is rightfully theirs according to British government policy.

To make any real changes we need to inject objectivity into the ongoing situation. Remember that the migrants are just pawns in the fight with government policy. It is the policy that needs to be changed. And changed soon.


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