2009, The End….

I would like to end my posts for 2009 on a highly positive note.

I no longer need to dread those social situations requiring talk of work. I am now a proud member of  “the Employed”. Just hearing those words ”we would like…’ were indeed the best Christmas present ever, despite later receiving a Wii console (although that is on condition that I share it with my husband).  Even the reality of sharing a three bedroom bungalow with seven adults and three hyperactive children 5 years and under over Christmas did not shake the excitement I felt since hearing the news. Sitting here now, writing these words, a little of the excitement has been replaced by wariness of being the “new girl”. However, at least when the clock chimes Midnight in two days time I am safe in the knowledge that I can now flourish into the world of books, blogs and writing in safety, knowing that my career is now finally safe.

What’s more, we now have hot running water at home after a year fighting for it. The hardship no longer has its bitter taste to it, whatever is left now acts as motivation, encouragement and reason. Now I can relax on the sofa, with a cup of tea and a good book and it is the greatest feeling in the world.

On this note, Happy New Year everyone. Hope your 2010 is as exciting as mine is promising to be…


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  1. Simon
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 16:30:56

    I am lucky enough to work with the new girl who is, as you can tell from her writing, a warm, funny, smart and kind person. And talented with it.

    We’ll have to regulate the biscuits and the chocolate, for both our sakes, L. In a previous job (in another lifetime), we always offered up our delicious food to the pretas, or hungry ghosts. These are the Tibetan Buddhist version of souls in purgatory, in a way. But they exist around us, invisible, soundless. Sometimes, on bus trips, we’d throw a few grains of rice from the window of the bus, or a few drops of water.

    Whether saying grace or making food offerings is actually heard by other beings is in a way irrelevant – is simply makes the food more meaningful and makes it a little less likely that the diner downs the food in one!


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