Michael Jackson: Abandoned in his Fame

I know I am a little biased but I must say the man was an absolute genius. Michael Jackson is beyond words. I went to the Michael Jackson exhibition today and have walked away from it in despair to be honest. Despair that a man with such talent and magic led the life he had. Michael Jackson was magic. Walking through the exhibition, seeing his costumes I marvelled at their simplicity. When seeing Michael Jackson on stage, we all were transfixed. Yet, all he ever wore were slacks and t-shirts. It reiterated that he truly was magic. The magic came from within him. He didn’t need to ‘dress’ the magic, it simply came naturally.

Michael Jackson was an innocent soul perhaps to the extent of naivety. Reality as we understand it was a novelty to him. Even now, it seems hard for people to accept Michael Jackson into their own understanding of reality. It is a shame that it is only in death that people are looking beyond the headlines and listening to the music. Recently listening to Candle in the Wind by Elton John (the Marilyn Monroe version) and listening to the words, it could be written for him. He ‘never knew who to turn to when the rains set in’. Even to the end, he never knew who to trust. I just hope now he can trust his talent, his music and his dance to teach us all the Michael Jackson he wanted us to see.

Rest in peace, Michael. Keep Dancing.


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