Biscuits: Comfort or Curse? The Results.

My journey began well but ended with Fish and Chips on Friday night. The journey proved a difficult one. My free time in the evenings was spent either showering or exercising on the Wii. Having to then go to bed at a reasonable time  and then up at 4:30 the following morning meant there was little time for much else. I may not have exercised everyday for 30 minutes after work but I did exercise as much as I could. The first battle though is to quash those cravings. I succumbed and had two biscuits at work, some malt loaf and two mini Creme Eggs that mysteriously appeared on my desk. The whole thing about diets though is that I feel miserable while on them. I’m like a child. The more someone says I can’t have something, the more I long for it. Towards the end of the week, I learnt from experience that everything within moderation is fine. Although I have heard that many times before, it’s only through experience that I finally understood it.

My biscuit tin has remained untouched all week. There is still chocolate in my fridge and although I was beaten by my hunger and consumed a whole bag of raisins (?!) one evening this week, I am happy with the results of my little experiment. I may not have followed the rules to the letter but I have learnt what works well for me.

Attending Mass today, the diet world was bought home when during his sermon, my priest remarked how the world is split in two: with one half going hungry through a lack of food, while the other half is dieting through too much food. In my mind, I now understand why gluttony is a sin. It simply comes down to appreciation, or indeed the lack of it. Surely, after the tenth biscuit, the taste and enjoyment has long gone? That’s what I found last week, I just didn’t realise it at the time. For me, allowing for one or two biscuit shaped naughtiness, the taste of each bite is that much more delicious…

My advice to you, my dear friends is simply this: Go for it. Reach for the biscuit but at the same time hold on to that appreciation that we are fortunate enough to be fighting temptation. As the famous saying goes: “there but for the grace of God, go I”. There but for the grace of God, I did not find myself under the rubble in Haiti, living through war in the Middle East, famine in Africa and reaching for the biscuit tin and finding it empty.


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  1. cr
    Feb 14, 2010 @ 23:18:05

    Its late so that is a little bit too insightful for me! But I do agree a LITTLE of what you fancy …etc.
    And I’m glad you have remembered your Mother’s words…”there but….”

    With your figure you don’t need to diet anyway. Cow!!


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