Nuclear: Free for All?

This morning while watching the news, I was appalled to hear a politician urging Israel to place pressure on Iran to give up its right for nuclear energy. Unfortunately,  I did not catch his name or indeed his particular political  ‘allegiance’ so I have lost the power to “name and shame”. It is absolutely appalling that for a country surrounded by others with nuclear power, Iran is  forbidden the same rights. Such ignorance is simply an invitation for states such as Israel to attack Iran with the safe knowledge it will be unable to defend itself.

I can understand people’s concern but just like children, the more you deny something, the more it is craved. Why should Iran alone in the world be denied nuclear power for domestic use? Military action will not remove Iran’s quest for nuclear power, rather it would intensify it instead. Putting pressure on Iran in the form of sanctions would only hurt the innocent Iranian population and with their deep sense of national pride, it will simply increase their desire to possess what in their mind is rightfully theirs as opposed to the opposite.There are several steps between using nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and creating a nuclear bomb. If Iran used such a weapon its leaders know that retaliation would annihilate the country.  It could only possibly want a nuclear weapon as an act of defiance against, and to make a statement of equality with, the US, the Israelis and neighbouring India, Pakistan and Russia which all have nuclear weapons.

No country should have the right to use nuclear weapons, even during combat. No one has forgotten the concentration camps of World War Two which in essence were weapons of mass destruction. Indeed after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (by America I might add), we should, like the Holocaust, be living against the same mantra.

Lastly, take a look at the picture below of a little girl with her skin in shreds following the American attack on Hiroshoma and join me in saying to all those who will listen: “NEVER AGAIN!”


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