Incendiary by Chris Cleave

‘Love is not surrender … love is furious and brave and loud…’ (Chris Cleave).

Chris Cleave once again does not fail to captivate his readers. Cleave’s latest work since The Other Hand is an Incendiary in its own right. The picture he paints with his words set fire to your imagination. 

Set in London, Incendiary is based on a fictional letter a woman writes to Osama Bin Laden following a suicide attack that killed her husband and son. Once again, Cleave has expertly embroidered ugliness and humour into an unforgettable story of love and devotion. It becomes clear it is not the actual attacks that bring terror into people’s lives, it is what comes afterwards.

Yet again, Chris Cleave has amazed me with his ability to write so clearly, so accurately and so expertly from a woman’s perspective. As with The Other Hand, Cleave embroiders the ugliness and selfishness of terror with true love and devotion. Incendiary is not a light topic, yet it does have an underlying lesson: Love does conquer all. Love conquers evil, guilt, vengeance, anger and even fear.

Chris Cleave is a hard author to review. His books are so breathtaking, I fear prior knowledge of what lies before you in these pages will detract from the beauty of his words. Trust me, from someone who knows. Someone who is on the edge of her seat, longing to once more be immersed into a world painted by the words of Chris Cleave.


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  1. cr
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 12:27:15

    So glad you have finished it. Can’t wait for you to pass it on to me!!


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