This Is It: DVD Review

I may run the risk of partiality with this review, however there really was no cause to fault Michael Jackson in this DVD. I first saw this film at the cinema and upon settling among fellow viewers, there was a jovial and upbeat atmosphere in the theatre.

Once Michael Jackson entered into the lens of the camera, an applause erupted, but a sudden silence soon followed.  This was no ordinary film. We had all seen Michael Jackson’s dance videos before and this seemed just as the rest of them. Except it wasn’t.

Michael Jackson was unique. He was unique in his looks; in his thoughts; in his moves; in his sound. Even if you are not a fan, you can not deny this man’s talent or the extent of his popularity. For me this film shows Michael Jackson as the star he has  always been, it is also a gift to his fans. We are given a gift to see Michael during his last days and remember him as he and his fans would like to remember him: on stage, the place he always felt most at home.

This video puts to rest the rumours that he would not be able to live up to our expectations. That he would be unable to deliver. Michael is undeniably thin even shockingly so, yet the dance routines he displayed on This Is It were enough to make one who is young, fit and healthy to struggle, yet Michael breezed through them. To the naked eye his routines were faultless, which not only puts to rest the above rumour but also that of Michael not working with his dancers. To be so in sync with one another surely requires hours of practice and rehearsals.

The humble man comes into play during the rehearsals allowing individuals to shine. To have their time in the spotlight. Yet even during the rehearsals, wearing simple clothes and with no direct instruments accompanying his routine, Michael Jackson still held his own and his stage presence was electrifying. Even though I have followed Michael’s career and his music throughout the years, in watching this film I saw a different side of him. You are allowed a taste of his humour and he genuinely seemed the happiest he has ever been despite his internal anguish.

The story of Michael Jackson may in itself be stranger than fiction, in that the man was an ordinary man in an extraordinary world with an extraordinary talent. I just hope his memory experiences the same as that of Elvis Presley. That even though the man died under questionable circumstances his talent and genius will precede him.


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