Hope Has A Place

Hope. It is an amazing thing. I am living and breathing in hope at the moment. Hope that the recent job application I am completing will offer the key to the locked door I am currently fighting against. Hope makes you feel that even any previous mountain of difficulty is now surmountable. It is the hope that your loved one will survive Cancer that gives you courage to keep going. It is the hope of seeing your loved one again that keeps you going after they have gone. As the saying goes, hope is indeed grief’s best music.

Hope. Hope for change. Hope for a better future. Hope even offers the capacity to forgive. To forgive in the hope to be better, to have better. It is to be hopeless that is the greatest cause of poverty and deprivation. It is in hopelessness that people  lose spirit; they give up fighting. It is the thought of the developing world as a “hopeless” nation that stops people helping and taking notice.

My hope of a successful job application may never be realised. However sitting here now, that fails to worry me. I want to enjoy these feelings now. Even if my hope of succeeding with the job application fails to be realised, I am at least one day closer to finding the key to the locked door. I may not find it around this corner but I never know what is around  the next.

I can only hope.

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.  ~Christopher Reeve


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