The Angel of Hope

Mmmmmm, hope is a very fragile notion, I had been shortlisted for the interview , I was thrilled and excited  and hopeful. But here comes the infamous…



But I was not successful.

A family member lent me a book about angels. According to the ‘blurb’ it is written to teach you to listen to the ‘angels around you’. Although, I consider myself as religious in terms of practising my faith, I never really believed in the idea of angels. Not in the ‘real world’ at least.



But after reading the book on my way to work it gave me goose pimples. Dreams I have had in the past and people I have met all make more sense now. I was then overcome by a feeling of happiness and safety. While walking to work and listening to my iPod on shuffle, all my favourite music was playing consecutively (which it rarely does). What’s more, I found a £1 coin on the floor. As any other self-conscious person would do, I naturally looked around me before picking it up. Subsequently, what I thought would be a particularly difficult day was actually a ‘good’ day.

The book states you must ask your angels to help you and to not look in the obvious place to see them. A few days ago, I asked my angels to help me and although I did not see a winged, harp playing vision before me, it’s just as is stated in the book: angels come in many disguises. My angel that day was in fact the pen and paper I held in my hand as I wrote these words.

Last night on my way home I sadly passed a man lying on the station floor being resuscitated by paramedics. In good British fashion many walked on with just a sideways glance when only a few stood around watching. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, wondering whether the paramedics managed to save his life. Waiting for my husband further into the station, I discovered that twenty minutes on the man was still being resuscitated. The onlookers had been moved on and the scene was surrounded by police. That night I could not sleep for thinking about him. It was a fleeting glance into the exchange between life and possible death and I could not help saying a prayer for him as I walked past. This morning, passing that same spot, I heard classical music playing over the speakers leading into the underground, once again for the first time (at least to my knowledge). On the way home passing that same spot, I could not help but wonder whether his angels were with him. Whether he had the same experiences I read about in the book. I wondered what his story was. I wondered whether he had anyone waiting for him at home. Did my angel bring me to that place, at that time to teach me gratefulness? To teach me patience? To teach me to love more? That could have been me, lying on the floor with paramedics fighting to save my life.

If that was me, what would I be known for in life? Since that evening, I once again have been hopeful. I hope that in seeing the fragility of life, I will become a better person, a kinder person. I want to not be known for what I achieved financially but the difference I have made in people’s lives.

Angels come in many disguises, whether you are religious or not, no matter what faith you follow – don’t forget your angel. They are multi-religious, muli-faith and waiting to “talk” to you.


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  1. grandmac
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 11:28:05

    I wonder if we will ever know what happened to the man. I also said a prayer for him while reading your blog.

    Even if he did not survive, his death has been useful to you (and maybe others reading the blog) in that you now realise that life is fleeting, and you should live as if each day is your last. The words come easy but enacting them is hard.

    May your angels be with you to help and guide you, to watch over you and to always bring you safely home


  2. Ruby slippers
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 11:56:36

    I love that book, glad it has bought you guidance. I need a ‘top up’ I have lost contact with my angels lately. X


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