Social Media: Curse or Cure?

I feel compelled to clarify my viewpoint following my earlier post , I am honestly surprised at the reaction my recent blog entry has received from readers. A testament perhaps to the level at which Facebook has penetrated all our lives. I admire what Zuckerberg achieved and admittedly I enjoyed Facebook. I enjoyed the layer of slight untruths that penetrated the profiles and ultimately the lives of the Facebookies I had access to. For a while.

Unlike other ‘exclusive’ clubs, people can always return to Facebook. What struck me as astonishing when leaving Facebook was the process you needed to go through to do just that. Yet to join was follow a 2 minutes registration process.  You are first asked why you want to leave, given a set of examples and the all ominous ‘other’ box. You are then taken to a following page where Facebook proceeds to list family and friends who will ‘miss you.’

Talk about pulling at your heart-strings. 

If you are strong enough to click ‘continue’ you are then required to enter two code numbers before finalising the process.  

All in all you have four chances to ‘cancel’.

As PJ rightly commented, with technology improving at its current expeditious rate, we could be provided with a more advanced social networking tool than Facebook. Waking up this morning, listening to the Radio DJ talking about his own  Facebook page, I felt somewhat ‘free’ from the clutches of Facebook. Although I do miss it being a part of my life and it has not even been 24 hours since I left. I have nothing against social media, particularly as it was through social media that I met my husband. However, I have also nearly lost close family members due to the lack of privacy and misunderstandings, the need to declare your life across Facebook’s pages, to impress those around you, to gain that ultimate acceptance Zuckerberg himself craved. I’d rather keep my family and friends close as opposed to being inundated with friend invitations from people I have no intention of being ‘friends’ with those I do not even know. 

My belief in angels  may not be for everyone and I respect that and similarly respect what Facebook can and does offer to others. Barry is right, communication has always been malleable and as with most things in life, it is open to interpretation. So my lasting words to you my friends is enjoy … and you never know, I may meet you again on the next social media craze.


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  1. Ruby slippers
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 21:32:14

    No way, you have left Facebook too. I don’t miss it one bit. Your life will no longer be wasted looking at everyone else’s mind numbing photo’s and reading complete tripe they have written whilst trying to ‘out do’ the next person.

    Wise move my friend, wise move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x


  2. grandmac
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 17:57:33

    Glad to know you are no longer wasting time looking at what your “friends” are doing, or what they are saying. To me it seemed mind numbingly boring, but I have never joined so what would I know! Funnily enough I heard last night on the tele that The Queen has joined! I don’t know if that was a joke or true.


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