My Lesson in Humility

I learnt a lesson yesterday.

A lesson in humility.

Walking around the fantastic Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last night I could feel the cold penetrating my bones. Despite my two pairs of tights and socks underneath my boots, my feet soon felt like two blocks of ice and I was feeling a little hard done by.

It was only while I was on my way home that I learnt the lesson. Taking my usual route home, I walked by a homeless man asking for change and I am ashamed to say that I walked on, just as I have done every day. To be cliché, it was only last night that I truly saw him. Last night when I was on my way to my lovely warm home, when all this man’s belongings amounted to his sleeping bag.

Lying in bed, having lit my advent candle I thought about him. I wondered why God had given me a home and that man a sleeping bag. As different thoughts began swimming through my mind, I wondered whether he had been given that life to teach me the lesson in humility. I thought how unfair his life is to have been given that role. It is through my faith however that I believe in accordance with his own worth deemed by God, the man will be given multitudes of good fortune in his next life.

He is not the only teacher in life.

We all are.

I thought what  I could teach other people. In the five minutes I lay there, it was easy for me to consider the lesson in appreciation that I see myself teaching. A lesson in appreciating the people around you before it’s too late. Although I appreciated my father more than I think even he realised, I am constantly dwelling  on whether I could have appreciated him more, told him more often how much he meant to me. Everyday I wish I could just have one more day with him to tell him.

As I wrapped myself up in the warmth of my house, I thought of that man and I thanked God for the lesson he chose to give me. Preparing for work this morning, again swaddling myself in my multiple layers of clothing, I watched the news. A report of St. Nicholas, the ‘real Father Christmas’ came to my attention. St. Nicholas, a bishop of modern-day Turkey performed good deeds not only to those he knew but to complete strangers. In the spirit of Christmas, in thanksgiving, in humility and in memory of my paternal grandfather who always had pistachio nuts in his pockets for people he met, I WILL have spare change tonight.


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  1. grandmac
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 19:19:36

    A lesson we all have to learn. Even if you don’t always donate money always be aware of your good fortune. And always tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Something it is easy to overlook in our busy lives.


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