My Scream Out (ft. Michael Jackson)

Thinking about my first piece to start my marathon session of blog writing, I attempted to write on many topics this week but the real inspiration came to me last night while watching an old interview with Michael Jackson.

The footage was recorded on 10th February 1993 with Oprah Winfrey and watching it after many years, I felt goose pimples listening to the then exclusive release of his single: Give In To Me. Like many of his songs and like his scores of fans across the world, I felt he was singing about my life. There was something so powerful in his song and his dance that even seventeen years after the interview and the video aired and what will soon be two years after his death, he is still moving people with his music.

Even after writing about Michael Jackson on three other occasions, I am still amazed at how his music can stay so current, years after its release. Throughout my life, I have resorted to Michael Jackson’s music for comfort and this time is no different. Just as I was thinking of the week ahead, curling up on the sofa and trying to make myself as small as possible, I heard a song that gave me the strength to fight back against my demons. Words that I have listened to throughout today and which now, come Sunday evening I am feeling a little more ready for the onslaught of terrors that I face on Monday mornings.

Now, that is a song that is firmly set in my iPod…


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