Leaving My Worries By The Door

As I sit here on my daily commute home on a Friday evening, I am wondering how I can leave all my apprehensions at the front door. To not allow them to cross my threshold. The biscuit tin has become a firm fixture beside me as I seek comfort in the depths of chocolate digestives, shortbread and even rich teas. My willpower unfortunately was never particularly strong. Instead of dwelling once again on the events of the past week , in no particular order I have decided upon 10  diversions to turn to as soon as the apprehensions set in:

1- Read a good book, preferably a chick lit.

2- Have a bath, must have candlelight and a glass of wine (preferably Rose)

3- Listen/dance/sing/do all three to your favourite music

4- Exercise

5- Curl up on the settee and watch a good film, preferably chick flick

6- Call home

7- Play board/card/computer games

8- Cook something you have never made before

9- Go to bed early, fall asleep reading a good book

10- Have a ‘spring’/’summer’/’autumn’/’winter’ [insert day of week] clean.

What would your select 10 be?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ruby slippers
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 09:33:37

    I would do all of the above except the Rose, I would much prefer a glass of red : ) x Hope your plan worked and the worries of the week didn’t pass the threshold! (Bet that biscuit tin is very light now)


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