The Pursuit of Happiness and Dreams

There’s disaster in your past,

Boundaries in your path

What you desire will lift you higher

… Where others fail, you’ll prevail in time.

Listening to the above song  I feel desperate. Desperate to be a writer. I am commuting once again on a Friday night. This time, however, I’m travelling home for the weekend. I’m enjoying a very high-class journey from London to Kent. So high-class I fear I may be asked to kindly ‘vacate’ the train…

A man opposite me has his laptop open and I can’t help but dream that one day I will be sitting in his place, not working on Excel and analysing statistics that makes me cross-eyed at just a glance, but a book; my book. It is this dream that keeps me strong; and makes me wake up every morning and stay in a job that is not particularly the most enjoyable. My dreams do lift me higher.


I am on the train home after a lovely weekend and although Monday morning is drawing ever closer, the usual dread is nowhere to be found. Many people search the world in the pursuit of happiness. They look for it in promotions at work; their bank accounts; fast cars and even at the bottom of a pint glass. People do not realise that happiness is closer than they think. They do not even have to set foot from their front door.

I’ve realised that happiness is not found in a new job or in a publishing deal. I am so lucky to have found happiness before it is too late. Happiness for me is spending the weekend playing Wii games; of watching television dramas sharing a slanket. Happiness is knowing I am going back to my lovely home; my loving husband and knowing I will always have the security blanket that is my family. Happiness is always having food on the table, biscuits in the jar and peanut butter in the cupboard.

I used to compare my life to others and just this week was convinced that their lives must be much happier than my own. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Wrong. I’m once again staring into the lit windows of people’s lives but I am no longer comparing their lives to my own. Others may have more money than me; a better job than me but whatever I perceive myself to be lacking gives me encouragement to strive for more.

I hope you have found your happiness, whether it be in your healthy children; your own health, your new home or your childhood home. ‘When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.’  ~Joyce Brothers

As another challenge, why not comment where you find your own happiness?


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