The Measurement of Success

I think I must owe you at least five blogs now, however with a hectic schedule of exams, presentations,  family events and the hated notion of work,  time has unfortunately been scarce. I have faced difficulties these days in finding time to even partake in the glorious activity of writing and it has definitely effected my outlook on life.  Despite the gorgeous sunshine this week, I have felt a little blue. It amazes me that as humans we are never happy with what we have. I have a beautiful home, loving family, my health and at least a job which keeps the mortgage in check and has a certain degree of worth about it. Yet, lying out in the sunshine today, I couldn’t stop my mind wandering and asking why I cannot be happy in life.

Contemplating this all day has been somewhat draining but sitting here now, I feel much wiser. As humans, we will never be happy. I rarely allow myself to rest, to relax because I am sometimes afraid of what will enter my mind but although it was a little melancholic, it allowed me to put everything in perspective. I feel I have everything. I AM successful.


If I am not happy with what I have, then I never will be happy. Success is not measured in where you live, the job you have, the salary you earn – it is measured in the people around you, how they feel about you and the impact you have on their lives. Success is measured in what you leave behind.

I must admit it feels quite liberating and I do feel a weight has lifted from my shoulders. I may not have as much in terms of material possessions as some people but if a person builds their notion of success on their materialistic wealth, that success is extremely vulnerable. When I pass homeless people in the street, I always wonder what led them there. What their lives were like before today. Whether they regard themselves as successful. Whether while living in an environment open to many dangers yet staying alive and staying true to yourself is as successful as the business men and women walking past them day after day.

Success is measured by the environment a person is living in and to judge someone as unsuccessful on your own standards is very unfair. Success is measured in terms of your own life  not even in terms of the lives of those around you, even those closest to you – your family, siblings and friends.

As I write this, I feel more confident and I now understand the meaning (and importance)  behind learning to love yourself before someone else one can love you.


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  1. Ruby slippers
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 16:29:34

    Very insightful, I am forever comparing what I have with a few of the other parents in the playground and it’s always the materials they have that I admire. The car they drive, the fancy expensive clothes and their houses that in my mind are ‘posh’. I feel a sense of shame when they see my old car and tiny house.

    Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and see things like you do. I am not implying I am unhappy, quite the opposite in fact, it’s just the comparing of what others have and wondering what they think of me because I have less that I need to stop.

    Glad you have managed to find an answer to your woes!


  2. Linda Morris
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 17:10:58

    I enjoy reading well written material. Thank you for the well thought out and meaninful content. I support myself by “ghost blogging” for businesses and accidentally came across your blog, it’s good. Linda


  3. k. Nelson
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 09:40:45

    very nice, it has given me new meaning to success


  4. Marileidys
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 03:17:26

    I wish everyone would come to this realization. Hopefully sooner than later


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