The Power of Music

‘…don’t let no one get you down…just keep your eyes on the prize…’ that was the advice to me at the end of today.

I had always thought music was a powerful instrument and today was no exception. The above are lyrics to a Michael Jackson song: Keep the Faith. By 5:30pm this afternoon, I was ready to give up. Give up with my job, my plans. I had not listened to my iPod all day (quite unusual for me, I might add) but when I shut the door on the working day I turned my iPod on loud and the first song that sang in my ears was Keep the Faith. Sometimes I fail to listen to the words of songs and just enjoy the melody, but this afternoon words in this song rang so true to me.

I never thought I would get bullied. I thought bullying was over once you had finished secondary school. Oh how naïve I was. One of the well-known bullies of my secondary school asked me to meet her after school, code for she wanted to ‘punch me one’. I actually waited for her. I waited and waited. Not actually sure what I would have done if she had turned up, but I called her bluff and won. She left me alone after that. Half my classmates thought I was crazy to have waited for her, the other half thought I was more powerful than the bully… at least until the end of the week. Now each day I can not be bothered. I no longer rise to the challenge and now it has become more habit than anything else. Indifference is far worse than hate, because with hate at least you feel something.

I might now use Keep The Faith as an anthem in the coming days, just as I used to for most Michael Jackson songs. Each day, as you are my witness – I will set a goal that will lead me to achieving my dreams, I will create new distractions, build new barriers. Success is the worst form of revenge and I am only powerless when I stop believing.  When I stop writing. When I stop listening.


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  1. grandmac
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 10:05:53

    Yes I would agree. Assuming a pose of indifference is not an option. Its not easy but you are an adult and can choose to continue being bullied, or confront the bullies and beat them as you say you did at school. Your choice. You don’t have to become a bully yourself but you can let them know that you are not going to be bullied any more. Confront them and ask politely why they think it is acceptable to treat you in such a way, whatever their answer say that you will not allow it to continue, and say what you are going to do if it does continue. i.e. only do your basic job description work, not answer the phone during your lunch and coffee breaks, etc. If you can’t do it verbally send round an email.
    Keep the Faith. That actually is one of my least liked MJ songs!


  2. alphabetgames
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 10:30:36

    Some nice motherly advice there!
    There is quite a difference to tackling childish bullying to that in the workplace, particularly when it’s mostly one’s boss who is doing the bullying and if I should relinquish from my job, there is a risk that I will lose it. I think the important thing is to set up individual coping mechanisms, whether that be writing or listening to music (in my case both!). There are no coffee breaks and for lunch I usually leave the office. I actually believe it takes a stronger character to turn one’s back on the bait. I have to act according to the culture of the office, unfortunately this is the culture that I have found and all I can do is detract myself from it.
    Keep the Faith – may not be the slowest of ballads but the message is strong!


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