Shame and Remorse

‘… You must be one who runs a race, stumbles and falls, rises and presses on to the goal. What avails it if he stays to examine the spot where he fell, to weep over the delay, over the shortsightedness that prevented his avoiding the obstacles?

So with you, and I lay it on you as a command – no looking back. Give yourself, and all you have ever met, a fresh start from today. Remember no more their sins and failures or your own.

When I sent My Disciples out, two by two, no scrip, no two coats, no money; it was an injunction to be carried out literally, but figuratively, too. On Life’s journey throw away all that is not important. Cast aside all the hindrances, the past imperfections of others, the failure-sense.’

God Calling, A J Russell, Page 129

Although the above quote was taken from a ‘daily devotional’ book I dip into everyday, most of the entries are lessons that can transcend any religion and faith. I will continue to add devotionals that strike a particular chord with me and I hope with you too.


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