The Adventures of Tintin, Secret of the Unicorn: Film Review

Blistering Barnacles! It’s Tintin!

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect as I settled into my seat, notepad and pen at hand. For many, Tintin represents youthful excitement which crosses all cultures. Both my husband and I grew up with Tintin and Snowy and although we may have called them by different names, using different pronunciations, the excitement of seeing our favourite characters on stage was tangible. The portrayal of Tintin himself remains true to what Herge fist envisioned of the character and with Speilberg at the helm, not one iota of Tintin’s legend was lost in its recreation onto the big screen.

At a street market, Tintin comes across a model ship, The Unicorn, falls in love with it and purchases it from the vendor at a knock-down price. Little did he know that the very same ship held a deep secret, leading him to being kidnapped and travelling across seas and scorching deserts in search of answers and to save the secret of the Haddock’s.

Even before the first scene was completed, I was questioning whether the film was indeed computer generated. I was amazed at the special effects Steven Speilberg managed to portray in Tintin. The image of Tintin’s hair blowing in the wind, his famous anorak dancing behind him as he chases criminals through the streets. The transitions between the scenes were faultless, leaving an endless supply of action and story telling.

The film had the entire theatre (including myself) in laughter at the actions of Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock. Although the film is certified as PG, there was not a single person below the age of 30 in the audience. Tintin definitely was a guilty pleasure for those watching last night. I can’t imagine the younger generation will enjoy it as much or appreciate Tintin since the likes of Buzz, Woody and even Lightning McQueen have graced our screens. Having watched those films countless times with my niece and nephews I am a staunch supporter of Pixar. However for me, Tintin and the magic of Spielberg is somehow different, somehow greater than previous animations I’ve seen. Tintin is definitely my Buzz Lightyear!

The film ultimately left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling, looking forward to future installments of all things Tintin, rumoured to be The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun. To wet your appetite here is the official trailer, not even half of the excitement and laughter you can expect this autumn:



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