Fighting For The Right

Following a plan has proven much harder than I imagined. I now have a fully formed villain for the book and I don’t like her already! I learnt something this week though. Something that every writer tells their readers: to read, read, read and read some more. I was Christmas shopping for most of the weekend and came home exhausted but still promised to commit to my 30 minutes a day of work. I read a book for probably longer than that and felt so inspired to write about my Middle Eastern journey. Before, I was so wrapped up in writing dialogue that I forgot what is sometimes more important than anything in writing a novel and that is what comes in between the dialogue. The all important words that make the story believable. So as I’m nearing the end of this particular book, I am already thinking of words for my own journey, words that would make my story inspiring for others or even something that others can relate to. It sounds strange but if feels quite empowering to finally understand the concept. I may read like there is no tomorrow but I do not necessarily read like a writer. I think I may have finally achieved that this weekend.

Having said this, I failed to write a passage from the perspective of my villain and I struggled and struggled to find the time and inspiration to achieve this. It was only towards the end of the week that I realised although I knew the name of my villain; her appearance and even her downfall, I didn’t know her. So until I do get to know her, I will hold off on this. Instead, I hope to map out her life history this week. Work on it little by little each day, 30 minutes can certainly go a long way. In terms of my children’s book, I have the materials to actually  turn it into a book, an amateur version of what I dream it can be but it’s a start. I hope that by Christmas I will have it in a book form and will take the story for a test drive with my 7 years old niece.

Time really is precious. Time with your goals, time with yourself, time with your loved ones. Sometimes when I look at the clock in the evenings, I actually get scared of where time goes. How my goals for the evening, day, week sometimes even month can completely go AWOL. I used to get frustrated with myself for allowing time to be swallowed up with anything other than writing, reading or thinking about writing and reading. I didn’t often let it show but would often internalise it, which then in one vicious circle would  result in me feeling like a failure and actually becoming one. Nothing is achievable without a fight.
I am staring at my advent candle thinking of everything that is important to me. Well, in fact it is only one thing and that is my family. Sharing wonderful shopping trips with my mum, holding hands with my husband, laughs with my sister and wonderful cuddles with my niece and nephews. I miss listening to music with my brother. If I had all the success in the world but didn’t have this connection with the people who matter the most to me, it would be no success at all. So I will continue to fight for my right to be called a writer and just hope that one day I will win.


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  1. Ruby slippers
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 20:22:09

    I think you are right about the words in between to make a story real for the readers. When I read a good book even if the story line is not interesting to me the way in which it expresses feelings, emotions, thoughts makes it readable or personal. I am not one for ploughing through a dull book because “I have to finish it”. If I find it boring then I don’t bother to read on. In my opinion life is too short and there are far too many books to enjoy. (More than we can get through in our life time). So my point is if you make your stories and characters real your book will be the one with creases down the spine all the way to the end and not just the first few centimetres. : ) x


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