The Loneliness of Writing

I Have. Written. A. Book.

Yep. You read that correctly. This past weekend I have written a book and the adrenaline is still flowing. I feel so alive. 29 days into the new year and my children’s book is completed. Okay, okay so I still have the editing stage, there is still no title but it actually looks like a book. As I came running down the stairs Saturday evening and showed my husband; as I began to share with him everything I had planned for the book, I could barely take a breath. I have never felt like this before. I feel I have now finally found what I have been looking for all these years. I have found my place, my calling. I feel complete. Not only have I written my  children’s book but I have drawn a mind map for the skeletal body of the fictional account of my trip to Iran. (I long to finally welcome you with titles so I don’t have to use full sentences when I want to share any specific writing project with you). I am hoping the map will also help trigger elements of the story that I have yet to discover. I wanted to round off the very productive weekend with a blog entry but succumbed to the calling of Desperate Housewives and attempted to write the post while watching it. I don’t think there can be anyone who is efficient enough at multi-tasking to complete that well. I managed to write at least a paragraph which was something.

Writing really is a lonely job. I hid myself away most of the weekend in the spare bedroom, iTunes playing and occasionally allowing my husband to enter with fruit and drinks. I counter-balanced this by watching films in the evening. Promising that if I could only work on this for a few hours, I will then be able to (with peace of mind) lose myself in the latest blockbuster offering. On Saturday evening though, I had to at least hold a book – even though I didn’t even open it – just so I could feel it in my hands. (Is there anyone else out there who can join me in this?)

I think I can now understand how writing can be lonely. Not only are you locked in a room; away from the world with your head permanently buried in a book or staring at a computer screen; it is also very hard for anyone else to share your excitement and joy at meeting milestones in your writing. Neither do many appreciate how hard it is to even sometimes get a single word down onto a page but this does not necessarily make them any less supportive. This loneliness is also a reason why you should write primarily for yourself. Writing a book is such a fast rollercoaster ride, there is no room on it for anyone else. The children’s book was primarily for my niece but now I have actually written it and I see it’s future, it’s become more for me than her.

Writing is a lonely job but I would rather be alone in my room poised for the latest Politzer prize winner to flow from my fingertips than to be surrounded by people in a job I dislike.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ameliaclaire92
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 00:18:49

    I can relate to this. Though I also can feel lonely when I write, I just know that I have to. I have to write. It’s almost like breathing. A necessity, no matter the circumstances.


  2. Aly Hughes
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 02:16:14

    Congrats on finishing your book! I’m working on my first novel(actually two!) right now, and sometimes it can be so difficult to find the peace and quiet to sit down and REALLY concentrate on writing. But still, I much prefer this to having a stressful time consuming job that I dislike. (Although writing IS stressful and time consuming, at least I enjoy it!)


    • alphabetgames
      Jan 31, 2012 @ 21:48:25

      Thank you! It feels like a constant struggle to find the time to write, particularly with working full-time. Good luck with writing your novels, it’s a hard trek to publication but it sounds like you are on your way!


  3. grandmac
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 08:31:07

    Well done you! I am sure it will be successful. I’ll buy a copy if you’ll sign it!

    Just get the other one finished!


  4. Lucy
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 18:08:20

    Well done for finishing your book, that’s so exciting! I look forward to reading it! x


  5. Rubyslippers
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 20:46:34

    You have achieved a great deal, I am proud of you! I’ve always thought it must be nice to be a writer, on your own all the time with nothing but your creation for company. I don’t see it as lonely more like soul renewing.

    Well done for your perseverance and motivation.

    As far as holding a book whilst watching a film just so I have it in my hands, I am more likely to be holding a bead magazine or the biscuit tin (usually both).

    Keep up the good work my writer friend!



  6. alphabetgames
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 12:44:22

    Thank you all for your comments.

    Rubyslippers, I agree – writing is soul renewing. I defnitely feel the difference when I have written and not written.

    I admire your honesty as I didn’t tell everyone I also had a bowel of snacks on my lap while also watching the film….


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