The Book Rant

Books are lovely little creatures.

One thing I hope to do when I am a published writer is to help others. Don’t get me wrong, I do not expect to save the world but I hope that I am able to calm my reader, to help them feel they are not alone in whichever trouble or strife they find themselves in. I want to share their happiness and sadness. I want to be able to make them laugh, to make them cry. I want to help them to feel emotions they didn’t know they had.

I HATE the term chick lit or at least I HATE what the term represents. That it is something unacceptable for a book to offer frilly, happy endings. Sometimes that is what you need in life. Sometimes our lives are so busy and so turbulent that you need frilly, happy endings to remind you that they can happen whether in fantasy or reality. Sometimes you need fantasies to help you forget your reality.

I surprised myself this morning. I experienced a set back yesterday and I actually stood beside my bed choosing which book will accompany me into London today. I am currently reading Second Chance by Jane Green while commuting and although it is full of elements of a hard life for each characters (i.e. in no way happy or frilly), I couldn’t really appreciate its implied positivity today. Instead I chose She’s Never Coming Back by Hans Koppel. It’s pretty harsh about a kidnapping and a woman being held captive in the basement of a house opposite her own. I must admit it is not something I would normally read. I brought it originally because I wanted to expand on my reading material. To learn different methods of writing. Many people suggest that you can tell their mood by their hairstyles, the clothes they wear, the colour (and/or extent) of their make-up. Sometimes for me, you can tell how I feel by the book I hold in my hands.











Even those I know who are not ‘big’ readers always want to curl up in bed or on the sofa with ‘a good book’ when they are not feeling 100%. There is something so very comforting about books, regardless of whether it is about a love or a crime. Who would not want to be a part of that? To be a comfort to a total stranger?

How can people tell what mood you are in?


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