An Ode To The Other

They are sometimes called OH, sometimes SO but mine is more than that. I have sat here trying to think of abbreviations that do him justice but alas am failing quite significantly. Whichever way I look at it, my husband is pretty special. As cliché as it sounds, he really is my soul mate and my best friend.

I have paid tribute to a number of people in the years since my first post but have yet to pay tribute to the person who has most effect in my life now. My husband. It has been four years since we became husband and wife yet 13 years since we first entered one another’s lives. I no longer can remember a time that he was not a part of my life. He has become someone I can tell anything to, someone who always has my best interests at heart. He is my home and I am incomplete without him.

Becoming pregnant has definitely bought us closer together and with all the unknown that surrounds pregnancy, nothing fazes me. It might be unlucky for some but I have a strong feeling that our thirteenth year together will be our defining year. The year that everything comes together. In the thirteen years since we e-mailed into each others lives he has become my best friend for so many reasons:

1- He makes me laugh (even if sometimes by accident).

2- He always listens whenever I need to talk (and that is A LOT).

3- He supports me in my dreams (no matter how far-fetched they seem to be).

4- His arms protect me from all monsters (perceived or otherwise).

5- He never makes me feel second best (or takes advantage of my people pleasing outlook on life).

6- He would willingly drive four hours to save me travelling on public transport while 5 months pregnant. .

7- The touch of his hand still sends electricity through my veins.

8- His arms are always open for a cuddle (even if he has to go out of his way to give me one).

9- He never has a single bad word to say about anyone.

10-He  will be an amazing father.

11- He has adopted my country and culture as his own.

12- He breaks down my insecurities one by one and builds up my confidence (no matter how painstaking the process becomes)

13 – Finally he gives me reasons to love him more each and every day.

Marriage has  really become that fairy tale image conjured by my five-year old dreams. Although our marriage has not always been plain sailing (which marriage has?), we have always reached the other side stronger than before. I have no doubts that we will have problems in the future but I know that like before we will always make it through.

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Soulmate quote from Negrita’s Chronicles

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  1. Ruby slippers
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 20:42:39

    Very lovely indeed!!! X


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