O’ Captain! My Captain!

RobinWilliamsMemoryI am writing this in shock. I am dumb founded. When my husband read on the Internet that Robin Williams had died, I thought it wasn’t true. We turned on the news and there were no reports. Inwardly I sighed in relief, hoping it was another of those sick jokes going around the Internet that a famous person had died. I guess we had turned on the news too early. Now it is all I hear. Now the news is sinking in and I have to accept it. Not only am I sad at the loss of such an amazing and vibrant life, but I am devastated that someone who was so loved could have been so unhappy and in so much pain.

When I think of Robin Williams, I think of laughter. I am reminded of a younger me curled up on the settee beside my father, watching Bicentennial Man. I am reminded of the endless jokes my sister and I still share over Good Morning, Vietnam. I am reminded of the popcorn scented screening of Jumanji with my mother and grandmother, during which my grandmother asked the  seat guides if they could turn the sound down. Only the other day, I was curled up under a blanket with my niece and nephew watching Aladdin. The list goes on. What I remember most is Robin Williams’ performance in Dead Poet’s Society. As a lover of the written word and an aspiring writer, the film struck a chord with me and still remains in my list of all time favourites. Only one person could have done justice to Mr. Keating’s character and that person was Robin Williams.

Depression is a curse. And a silent one. It is in no way a sign of failure nor is it a sign of weakness. The stigma attached to the illness is the greatest killer. We are now more accepting of HIV/AIDS than we are with depression. Committing suicide does not make a person a coward as Shepherd Smith implies, it is not selfish and neither do I believe, despite my own religious faith, it is a sin. In just the same way that a cancer sufferer gets tired fighting, so too does a depression sufferer. My heart not only goes out to Robin Williams’ family and friends but to Robin Williams himself.

Writing this blog post, I have no words. I am stunned.Yet I feel compelled to write in support of a man who bought so much happiness to so many. My words seem so little, yet I hope they will join the legion of others who have paid tribute to one of the most talented, versatile, heart-warming, actors and comedians to have ever graced our cinema and television screens.It is now beyond time to stand up for those suffering alone and in silence.

Rest in peace, Mr. Robin Williams. Your work, your humour, your smile and your heart will always be remembered.



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Should you be suffering from depression, please contact someone:
Depression UK
The Samaritans
Opening image: Yahoo News
Closing image: Thechive.com



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  1. Rubyslippers
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 07:25:45

    Such a shock and such a shame. May he rest in peace now!!


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