About Me…

Born and raised in Kent, I am now living in London with my husband, daughter and an excess of books. I  wrote my first story aged 12 but was too apprehensive to share it with others.  It was not for another 23 years until I embarked on another writing journey.

Born and raised in England, I grew up with the Western image of Iran  and continue to be exasperated at how the country is represented to the Western world. Tehran: Through A Daughter’s Lens, breaks through the complex barriers of politics to reveal the simplistic truth about living in Iran’s capital, making it a short but insightful look at life in a much misunderstood country. 

Although I studied Social Anthropology at university and afterwards worked in a number of charities following graduation, my dream  ever since I  was a little girl was to be a mother and a writer. Since becoming a stay at home mother, I now juggle building sandcastles, tea parties and play dates, craft days and bike rides with my daughter and a longed for writing career.

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Dreams really do come true!


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